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SELECTED EVENTS / PERFORMANCES (Solo unless listed otherwise)

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2010 San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, U.S.A.

2009 Colour Out Of Space Festival, Brighton, U.K.

2007 Dinosaurs with Horns, Kraak Festival, Belgium, (including 10 day tour with dates in Holland, France, Germany and Belgium)

2006 As a member of “the Beast in the Basement” one time collaboration performance at No Fun Festival, Brooklyn, N.Y.C.

2005 High Zero Festival, Baltimore, MD

2004 Activation the Medium Festival, SFARTS, w/Solid Eye

2002 Japan Tour, w/ Solid Eye Uplink Factory, Shibuya, Japan


Glossolalia, KXLU, Los Angeles projections+sound, (w/Cindy Bernard), Beyond Music Festival, Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

Projections+sound, (w/Cindy Bernard), Goldman-Tevis Gallery, Los Angeles

The Smell, Los Angeles, w/Dinosaurs with Horns


Beyond Music Festival, Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

Inner Ear, Conjunctive Point Dance Studio

Side Street Projects, Los Angeles, group improvisation collaboration with Anna Homler

Collaboration with Petra Haden Benefit, Knitting Factory, Los Angeles,

Solid Eye/ Sound. at the Schindler House, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles

Voice of the Bowed Guitar Al's Bar, Los Angeles


Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA The Luggage Store, San Francisco, w/Solid Eye The Starry Plough, Berkeley, w/Solid Eye projections+sound, Sonopticon '99, Foundation for Art Resources, Los Angeles w/Cindy Bernard projections+sound, Santa Monica Museum of Art, w/Cindy Bernard Al's Bar, Los Angeles, multiple solo and collaborative performances 58 Tehama Alley, San Francisco, w/Thomas DiMuzio sound., San Pedro, group improvisation w/ Steve Hise, Bob Boster The Smell, Los Angeles, multiple solo and collaborative performances Faultlines, 22nd Street Theater, Los Angeles Troubadour, Los Angeles, w/ Solid Eye


Downtown Arts Festival, New York, w/Solid Eye Knitting Factory, New York, w/Solid Eye WFMU, New York, w/Solid Eye Santa Monica Museum, w/ Solid Eye Sound Explorations, Galaxa, w/Solid Eye Wadsworth Theater, Los Angeles, w/Solid Eye North by Northwest, Portland, w/Solid Eye Downtown Arts Festival, Los Angeles, w/Solid Eye Fold @ Chorus Club, Los Angeles, w/Solid Eye angels gate. 8.16.98 dusk. group improvisation w/ Mike Watt and Marina Rosenfeld